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The Diversity Collective was founded on the idea that one’s race/ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, and gender should not hinder their ability to become an international educator and leader. These identities should be deemed as essential and crucial components to developing diverse and representative communities in international education. We believe that underrepresented individuals deserve their own organization, rather than an offshoot of another organization, that values the unique talent and perspectives that they bring to international schools.

As a facilitator between underrepresented educators and partner school organizations, the Diversity Collective hopes to bridge the current diversity gap seen at international schools across the world. For underrepresented candidates, we provide a collaborative, and simple database of teaching and leadership positions in international schools with a commitment to creating an inclusive school culture. For our partner school organizations, we both expedite the process of finding talented educators from diverse backgrounds and facilitate personal connections with them.

We believe that diversity is not as simple as outdated binaries of men and women or Black and white. We recognize the complexities of race/ethnicity, nationality, gender, and sexuality and how their intersections have historically excluded underrepresented voices from academia and education for centuries. The Diversity Collective wants to change the structural and institutional racism that exists in international schools and challenge international schools to be intentional and inclusive in their recruitment strategy and policies. We believe that international schools can commit to doing so, one hire at a time.

As a new and collaborative organization, we are welcome to any feedback and hope to be an important step in bridging the gap between underrepresented candidates and partner school organizations.

Commitment Statement For Partner Schools

Being a part of The Diversity Collective means taking an oath to combat racism, anti-Blackness, colorism, heterosexism, xenophobia, and the many ways that discrimination can exist in our school environments and around the world. Our partner school organizations recognize that these issues exist in invisible ways--from microaggressions to the white savior complex--and they also recognize the need to be aware of how they might still suffer from these invisible forms of discrimination and actively work to assess and address them.

We want our partner schools to look at their teaching and working staff and consider the ways that they can improve. To be a Diversity Collective school means actively seeking ways to be diverse, equitable and inclusive. Thus, we encourage partner schools to intentionally recruit candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.

Additionally, we ask that partner school organizations agree to a realistic but effective timeline that will make a lasting change in the international school community with a faculty that mirrors their student diversity. As a part of being in the Diversity Collective, partner schools will be asked to disclose yearly data of their faculty, staff, and leadership positions in terms of self-reported gender and ethnicity.

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